I'm a documentary photographer based in South Florida. My work lays on the perception of human relationships and their environment. Over 3 years photographing international families, the similarities across them started becoming more unavoidable to me than the differences. I'm often looking for relatability in different contexts. The boundary-cross feelings of "oh, that happens to me too!". I was born and raised in Brazil, a place I hold deep down in my soul.

When I first became a mom, in 2016, away from my origins, it felt like the world had stopped for me but kept on moving for others. It was a multitude of feelings. In order to visually portrait the amplitude of this chaos, I started documenting my very own family. I was never convinced by perfect photos at manicured scenarios. I thought it would be tremendously helpful if we could all be a bit more real about it, not just for our sakes, but for our kids and their future memories.

Our birth place, how and where we are raised says a lot about us - more than what we announce. Family relationships are this huge melting pot of emotions; love, tenderness, chaos, anger, sadness, peacefulness. Sometimes all in the same day, same hour. But our memories will fade and they are biased. I want to bring an outer perspective and show you both the amplitude of your life and the small moments that form your days.

In the free time, you can find me reading, bringing beach sand back home, dueling between both our dog and cat or getting beaten in Monopoly, soccer and chess by my son, who's currently 6.

Some of our family Day in the Life photographs by Daniel Freitas.