why go documentary?

If the idea of easy speaks to you, we are a match. Day in the Life Sessions allow us to create space to capture the essence of your family life. There's no weather or time pressure. No mood or smile requests. This is a visual legacy you are building. To remember what it was like when their hair was as soft as their skin, they way they yawn when they are tired, how loving your house was even amid the mess you think it is and how beautifully intentional you both are raising humans.


The ones that make you feel you. Same apply for kids. Trust me, if they choose to wear exocentric toddler color schemes, you might as well want to remember that in the future instead of the earthy outfit you picked online (speaking from personal experience).


In my longer sessions, I allow time for family portrait. It doesn't have a right time, and also it doesn't HAVE to happen. But I will keep an eye for a moment where everyone is falling into a flow.

ok cool, but what about the fuss with my teen/toddler/partner?

I get it. It seems hard to convince everyone there will be someone with a camera in the house for hours. But truth be told, it's much harder to pick a field, coordinated outfits and get everyone's moods under control for a short time window.

I want you to know I will be there as a friend. Usually after the first hour, everyone gets used to me. We are going to laugh, I will definitely take coffee if you ask and we will talk about motherhood while the kids play. Sometimes I will get quiet because I'm observing and I want you to have your own rhythms, but I don't mean to be a fly on the wall. My presence will be noticed. I'm going to be honest, kids do have a tendency to like me because I treat them like a person and not a squishy toy. Your partner will probably think it's all weird, but he will appreciate the choice when his daddy jokes hit the floor.

How does booking work?

You can shoot me a message with your wants and needs and we will figure out a day together. From there, you can decide if you want to set up a monthly payment or pay a deposit. After booking, I will send you over a session guide with plenty of ideas just so you have an inspirational ground.