Weston is a suburban area in Florida, near the national park Everglades. You know, I was never a big fan of suburbs until I had a kid myself and understood the value of unlocked doors. All of my interests until then were based on the distances to coffee shops, walkable life, city lights and the gigs that are highly stressful when you have toddlers risking their own lives 24/7 without a single clue. So, Weston seems like a nice idea now. Maybe I will move there soon? Maybe.

I got to see what the lives of two families were like recently. Two Brazilian families, of course. Because Weston is the closest Brazil away from Brazil. They can tell you how slow things get, specially on weekends, but I'm sure they can also tell you how much their kids know the neighbors kids, how many sunset colors they see and how the sound of silence can fill every corner with peace. Life can be still and complete when simplicity is an everyday thing.

I got to spend 4 hours with Fernanda's family, their two boys, a dog and a parrot - who became very interested in my hair while shooting. Go wonder. She told she hadn't have photos of the family taken in years so this was quite a responsibility as I had the mission to imprint what their family essence is like today. I hope you feel it as much as I do!

Morning cartoons, breakfast in the couch, baking, hammock rides, videogames, duck feeding, trampoline jumping and pool battles. Whoa. Fees just like childhood!

And of course, our moment for family portraits in the end. One I give my clients at every session.