Have you noticed how much, as parents, we need to scavenge hunt for resources that were so widely available until 30 years ago? We are talking one generational gap, pretty much.

Thankfully, there are places making a movement back to life essentials. Well, we would definitely need to agree on what's essential, and after that we would feel a pinch on realizing how much of this essential became a privilege - education, outdoor playing, real food. Might be a good trifecta to start with.

Little Creative Souls is one of these places. I was surprisingly brought into their yard on a Saturday afternoon to photograph a birthday from a family I have the privilege of being with for 4 years now.

Talk about mind blowing... I'm walking on these narrow Miami sidewalks, looking for the entrance, when all of sudden I enter what it looks like a garage door just to see a wide world. Wood, mulch, ropes, trees, mud, water, paint, books, and the list goes on. One could think they found their way into nana's yard, but they've actually just entered a school. Come with me as we dive into this muddy amazing pot in the middle of growing concrete Miami: