In the end of 2020, I spent two months in Brazil with my family. Even though Covid times were not inviting, personal reasons had to take me there, so off we went! During that time, I got to photograph a baptism in my hometown. Needless to say how mind-blowing it was to go back to the same church I was baptized, 34 years go, to document a new one. As photographable as a life event can be, there is so much more to it than the moment itself. Preparation, rituals, family get-togethers and the list goes on. These moments all play an important role in the day and as so, deserve to be registered.

I got to the family house early morning, the parents were waiting on me to give the baby girl, Cecília, a bath. Water time, changing and all the snuggling in the world.

Grandparents and godparents were also in the house, which made up for interesting everyone-getting-ready photos. I love this moment! There is so much familyness to it. Women getting their make up done, helping each other, rushing each other, there are laughs, a bit of stress, men waiting, and so on. All in a period of 45min while they all rotate the baby. What a morning!

Then we made it to the Church. Hooray! Only 10 members of each baptized child were allowed inside for Covid safety guidelines. This was definitely a different kind of Baptism. We all wore masks the entire time and even though we couldn't see smiles, there was different atmosphere, a "we're all in this together" type of feeling.

Afterwards, we all headed to an intimate lunch celebration, where we got to hear this beautiful mama singing a San Francis song to end this special day.

I was beyond honored to be able to register all of it!

*All Covid-19 safety guidelines were followed during the shoot.