I met Carmen in the neighborhood while riding scooters with my son. She was driving Alice around in a little go cart and, as two moms in a neighborhood not so full of moms, we instantly connected over the fact we are both from outside the US and know what's like to have little kids so far away from family. Like us, she's also formed a mixed family and our bond carried over the next few weeks. I told her about Photography and soon we started getting together for some photo shoots to mark her family milestones.

Alice was about to be 2, so we headed to the neighborhood park and got some family shots in a short playful session. This was... hum, extremely adorable?!?!

A few months passed this day and she gave me the big news ... SECOND ONE is on the way! She wanted to announce it to her family through a fun way so we got a mini session in order for big sister.

Then the pandemic hit hard.

Besides putting photography on hold, we got obviously caught up in our life at home. Until finally, towards her third trimester, we decide to register her pregnancy in an outdoor beach session. Just before the storm.... (and I don't mean the sky one).

Some time later, both parents tested positive with Covid-19. Weeks away from the home birth she had planned (was plan even a word in 2020 vocabulary?). They were hoping to be clear by the time the baby sister was due, but it wasn't the case. I couldn't help much but get her pharmacy items and drop by her door. Grandad would bring groceries to the door and they surfed the whole wave at home with a toddler. Still, they delivered the baby at home with minimal help. Paramedicals on the phone and a last minute trip to the hospital to check on mom and baby. It took a few weeks until things started getting back to normal health and I was finally able to see them again and meet Layla. I can't emphasize enough how much I admire her strength and courage. This is a story for generations!

Now they are starting this family of four and we, obviously, made sure to register it.