I truly believe there is nothing more life changing than bringing a newborn home (or having them home for the first few days, if it was a homebirth). Specially if you're a first time parent. All of sudden, your days are COMPLETELY changed. I mean, you knew it would change, but did you imagine to this degree? A 2 hour nursing schedule, infinite diapers and a tremendous growing love that you can't yet explain, only to compete with your sleep "is the baby breathing?"- which parent hasn't been there?

This only happens once. Yes, I know, every phase in a child's life is singular, but there's a certain magical freshness in the air that will soon despair. That's why documenting these days are SO important. It's not just about the baby. It's about LIFE. It's about how you are all navigating this ocean together that can go from so deeply calm to bumpy stormy in a matter of hours, minutes even.

How do you want to remember these days? How would you like for your kids to look back and see how was it when your family life started? (or expanded?)

One of these days, I got a glimpse of a new Florida family going through all this together. It was simply amazing! Plus, how not to love coffee mornings with palm trees?

These parents are quite a team. I'm always happy in my heart when I see dad's involvement right away. Nursing, changing, cleaning, napping - repeat it countless times. They are there for each other, laughing over coffee and, most likely, spilled milk. These routines will now have a place to live and bring them back to it once the years go by.

On top of all the routine flow, we also got some cozy family portraits at the end of the session. It doesn't last more than 20min and we choose a calm moment for so with some gentle guidance.