There are clients that turn into friends. And there are friends who become your client, which is surreal when you remember 15 years ago you were in college and your major concern together was deciding which afterparty to go to. Fast-forward and here we are, a few kids and a different country later on, behaving like adults even though we don't quite feel like them sometimes.

Of anything, it's a privilege when you end a up with a long term friend in your local time zone. Even more a privilege to get a microscopic view of this new era in their lives. The comfort space we have with each other allowed to me go to deep into these newborn photos.

The days with a new baby are unpredictable, what we thought it was going to be a morning at home turned into an errand to the pediatrician since Nina wouldn't stop crying (who never as a first time parent?). That was their story. I tell everyone, whatever happens is important. Don't neglect the unexpected or what you thing wouldn't "look good". This is about honoring the life you have now and have something real to look back into. With a little help from grandparents, everything turned out alright. :)

Thank you, Iza and Amir, for trusting me on this one and letting your layers be unfolded. Life is crazy, so we better get wet.